Commercial building security - cctv - palisade fencing

Protecting you building and its premises is a very important part of a building used for business purposes. In this article we will discuss a few options that you may have or may not have considered.

Security Fence

We would think you have already considered this but have you considered all of the options? When choosing the correct type of fence you will also need to look at the surrounding, ultimately your choice should fit in with and look like other buildings and fences that have already been installed.

If your commercial building is on an industrial estate then the best choice of fencing would be palisade fencing as this has the highest rate of security and is available powder coated in many different colours but the main choice is green. The fence can also be galvanised and left the natural silver colour which is what you will generally see on industrial estates and most other areas.

The palisade gates are also of the highest security as standard but can have even more security with upgraded locks and bolts. We highly recommend you upgrade as the cost is one time only and very little to what you building content and business is worth.

Installing cctv

Having CCTV installed can be one of the best investments you choose for you business property and with the price of technology very low now is the best time. Close circuit security has come a long way in recent times, long gone are the times of grainy pictures.

We recommend you purchase and install a high quality set that automatically records and stores the data with easy access if and when needed.

You should also consider adding a backup battery power unit to your installation that will ensure the cameras are still on and running even if the power supply is cut off to them.

If you do decide to have cctv installed you should use a highly trained contractor who should provide the cameras and equipment as they will have advanced knowledge in the field and possibly purchase the equipment at a reduced cost. The contractor will also ensure that every part of your building and yard is covered by the security cameras and there is no blind spots.

Having cameras installed also gives you the option to see who is coming in to the yard space with deliveries during open hours and who leaves the premises and at what times they leave.